I’ve been doing too much. Going to about four Al-Anon meetings a week, attending two lectures on alcoholism followed by sharing times afterwards, which amounts to two 3-hour evenings a week, reading all the literature on alcoholism I can get my hands on and then some. I had to take back all the books I had taken out from the library on the subject. My sponsor made me. 😛 I couldn’t exactly take back the 30+ I have downloaded to my Kindle. 😦

I’ve been accepted to work on a collaboration with 13 other writers. Also, just been accepted to do a weekly book review for a blog. So I have to, I guess, RE-prioritize my life.

It’s not about the alcoholic in my life. It’s about me. Starting today, I’m paring down my reading to Al-Anon related literature (mainly the Big Book of Al-Anon and my meditation books, like One day at a time in Al-Anon), and the books I need to read for review.

Also, I’m writing a non-fiction book this year called “Undertow: Growing Up With An Alcoholic Sister.” I’ve only written the outline so far, but that took some serious work.

So, I’m only going to keep my favorite one or two Al-Anon meetings. Only going to the skills building and sharing meeting on Tuesday night. One or two open talks. LOTS of rest and sleep. Walks with Lucy so I can talk with God about all that’s going on (that’s whom I choose to call my Higher Power; if it helps you, fine).

The life unexamined is not worth living. Didn’t someone famous say that? 😉

6 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Glad you’re paring back and taking time to be about you. I had an alcoholic brother and wrote about it and the writing was very cathartic. He started drinking the day our father died and when my mother asked him when he would quit he said, “When My Father Wakes Up.” I think, even though he was drunk, some where deep down he meant it. I hope your book does well. I entered mine in Faithwriter’s 2 years ago but didn’t make the cut so I hope it was not the subject matter.


    • How hard for you, Lisa. You know, there is a lot about alcoholic spouses and sons and daughters, but not a lot about alcoholic siblings. I’m so sorry your book did not make the cut. There are so many reasons things like that happen, none of which had to do with you, your writing, or your subject matter. Thank you for the well wishes.


  2. LOVE the title of your book to be! Living with someone unhealthy is like getting sucked under…such a struggle. And I too am glad you are becoming more realistic with your al-anon meetings and reading. Talk about enthusiasm! 🙂 Good job!


    • Thanks, Deb! My sister and I actually did get caught in an undertow near Miami when I was about 12 and visiting her in Florida. It was terrifying, so that’s how I came up with the title. It is exactly how it feels. 😀 Thanks for reading.


  3. It does sound like you were getting a bit obsessive with the number of meetings. Hooray for moving forward and having exciting projects to work on in your life!


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