Knitting and Purling, and Soothing

Didn’t end up going to the meeting last night. Listened to my inner self, my chronic fatigued, bipolar self, and – more importantly – the H.A.L.T theory. Never let myself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Well, as I wrote yesterday, I was pretty wiped out. I needed a break. Today I’m going to an afternoon meeting and tonight an open talk (my first one in a very long time, so I’m excited!).

Last night was a time for knitting. Recently I splurged and bought a set of Harmony wood needles, along with the cables (and a tightener for them, otherwise they may come off during work at an alarming time!) from If it’s weird to be in love with knitting needles then I’m officially off the charts strange.

Everything about knitting turns me on. From the feel of the yarn as it slides through my fingers, to the soft click-click of the needles as I knit and purl (no frogging allowed here, that’s for another post), to all the beautiful colors, to seeing the product grow and knowing I – I did that!

When I’m too fatigued, I can’t do it, because I know I’ll make mistakes even in the simplest of patterns. But when I’m just a little tired and feeling sad because – like last night – I missed a favorite meeting, it soothes me and quiets my spirit. As a little girl, if someone I played with said something upsetting to me or something didn’t go my way, I would run in the house and bang something out on the piano really quickly, which usually made me feel better. Sadly, I don’t play the piano anymore.

But – knitting. Sigh. It does that and even more. If I was confident enough, I would teach others how to knit. I even get plot bunnies for writing while I knit, and that I consider a side benefit! Sometimes when I’m writing and get frustrated with how it’s going I’ll work out the snarls (no pun intended) with a good knitting project. The cobwebs get cleared out in my head and I’m ready to get back to work.

If I’m making something for someone else, like the baby blanket I’m currently making for little Eleanor Grace, I pray while I’m making it. I pray for her future, I pray that God will keep her safe in the palm of His hand.

I’ll try to remember to post pics of my knitting as I go, but I often get distracted by other things, like my lovely Lucy. Which reminds me, I want to make her a dog sweater. 😀

There. How many other knitters did I speak to, or how many did I make want to knit? Who knows, some people swear they can teach knitting over the phone. 😉

2 thoughts on “Knitting and Purling, and Soothing

  1. Hey Chris! I can totally relate. I’m working on a ripple afghan and I must have been feeling a little off when I started the foundation row because somehow I’m far enough off that even though I’m a quarter of the way through I’m considering frogging the project. I have certain movies that stage the whole mood like Anne of Green Gables. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I put in my movie, make a cup of chai latte (or vanilla coffee) and break out the knitting needles. It’s so comforting. Wishing you the best! Happy knitting!


    • Heather! How nice to hear from you. I knew you could relate to this post. But – we weren’t supposed to talk about frogging. 😉 Don’t even consider it right now. Pick up another project. If you’re like me you have at least 2-3 projects going at one time. I like to watch movies that relate to what I’m working on, too. I’m going to the library today, and looking for Baby Boom with Diane Keaton, for while I work on the baby blanket. Wishing I owned it though, because I still have about three more balls to knit through. 😛 It’s okay. It’s all worth it, and it has so many colors it never gets boring!

      Wishing you even better! How’re the kidlets? Happy knitting to you!


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