Riddles for Fun and Folly

1. I have but only two
They taste just as sweet
Though thru bitter words may flow.

2. A hairier face you’ve never seen
and the halitosis might make you green
Brown eyes staring, body wiggling

3. Three eyes have I, all in a row.
When the green one opens, everyone goes.

4. I cover without smothering.
I’m not clothing.

5. Pull my chain, everything goes black.

6. Stout am I but not from food
My whiskers betimes slip off my face

That’s it. That’s all the fun I have today. I’ll write a more serious post later. Wanted to get this out now.
Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Riddles for Fun and Folly

    • You did really well! You got three right!

      2. my dog Lucy (who really doesn’t have halitosis that bad, poor dear)

      4. a blanket

      6. A department store Santa Claus! lol

      I’m glad you had fun with it. It’s my first shot at riddles.


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