F is for Forgive

Many people think forgiveness is an emotion, that they have to FEEL their way to letting go of something.

But think about it. When someone has made you mad, or hurt your feelings, how long has it taken you to WANT to forgive him, if ever? 😉 I personally have avoided a meeting I love for weeks now because someone at a NON Al-Anon function tried to teach me what is, and not in a very cool way. lol

The fact remains, who am I hurting by avoiding the home meeting I love so much? Myself, again. The person I felt slighted by (and whom I called the next day to let know, little good that it did :P) probably is moving on with her life, as should I, with forgiveness even just in the depths of my own soul.

Forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it’s a CHOICE. I have to act my way to it. Like the “fake it ’til you make it” slogan, forgiveness is an ACT of faith. So, yesterday, I made a choice to forgive this person who hurt me, knowing deep down it really wasn’t about her. It couldn’t be, not to affect me that much. I won’t forgive her to her face, because she won’t get it, but in my heart. And . . . maybe in a month or so I can go back to that meeting . . . just kidding!

What are your thoughts about “forgive and FORGET?” Let’s get a discussion going. I love a good discussion!

This is a post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My theme is “taking care of ourselves.” Check out some of the other bloggers participating

2 thoughts on “F is for Forgive

  1. It’s definitely a choice you have to make and move on. Otherwise, you’re right. You’re the one missing out. I’m struggling with my own “forgiveness” issue right now. I think it’s important to forgive. That doesn’t mean you have to forget or to continue to let someone mistreat you. When it’s someone you love but don’t particularly like at the moment — it’s even harder.


  2. It IS a choice. Getting to the choice can be hard, but it is very worthwhile — for YOU. I always feel better after I let something go and move on.


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