H is for Honesty

As you may have noticed when you happened onto my page this lovely morning, things have changed around here. When I first began blogging, I thought my blog was going to be about knitting and writing, with some posts thrown in here and there to reflect my Al-Anon journey.

Since I’m going through the Blueprint for Progress with a small group of women, which involves the 4th step adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves, I have to get real about this blog.

It’s an Al-Anon blog, with some posts here and there about knitting and reading, writing, stuff like that. As I made this decision, I understood the fearless aspect of getting honest for the first time. Well, not really. I’m still afraid I’ll lose readership. You see how I have to beat off the comments as it is now. 😉

But I like the new feel, the new look. It’ll have pages added to it, as I get off my lazy butt and put them in. But for now, what you see is what you get. By the way, Route 66 no longer exists, except in a historical preservation sense. It’s in one state (can’t remember the name now) and it leads nowhere, just a nice scenic drive.

That is a bit of a metaphor for what I want for you, gentle reader, and me. I want to take the scenic way home. I want this to be a long trip, and – will you stay with me?

Oh. Time for a meeting.

Peace out.

6 thoughts on “H is for Honesty

    • Thanks Bonnie! That’s what I thought . . . if it’s scattered all over a bunch of states now, and meanders here and there, what better analogy? 😉


  1. Complicated, eh? Sounds just like my recovery! Thanks for the info. I think I had read something like that on Wikipedia, but I couldn’t remember it, and I was in too much of a hurry before I went to the meeting. 😦

    Thanks for the congrats. It feels good heading in this direction.


  2. Route 66 is more complicated than that. It’s no longer part of the official US highway system, but you can still follow it most of the way. It’s just been subsumed by a bunch of other names. Last year, we were on stretches marked “Historic Route 66” in several states. 🙂

    Congrats on facing what you’re really talking about!


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