J is for Java!


While I still drink my daily java without fail, I used to be a coffee connoisseur. I belonged to two different clubs, Gevalia and Boca Java, and still managed to squeeze in daily trips to my favorite joints, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

Coffee has had an interesting history in the world, as well as in my own life. I started drinking it in high school as a way to get closer to my dad. I don’t remember what kind of coffee we drank then, I just know I drank it with lots of cream and sugar. 😉 That’s also when I started smoking (although he didn’t know THAT), but – it’s all making sense to me now.

I like the whole ritual of coffee. I like making it, although I don’t like grinding my own beans, probably because I don’t like the mess of having to clean up the coffee grinder afterwards. 😛 I love the sound it makes as it’s percolating in the coffee maker, so I wouldn’t like those one-cup pod-makers, or whatever they’re called. Oooh, and the smell, it’s enough to drive me over the edge. I like it hot, hot – I don’t like to wait for it to cool even just a little before I take a sip. And I absolutely LOVE the jolt I get to my senses as it first hits my blood stream, travels up to my brain, and goes down to my stomach.

Plus, I love to share my love of coffee. Whether it’s at a meeting, where there are bound to be other caffeine addicts, at home with my mother, or visiting with a sibling or friend, coffee is not something to be savored in isolation, not for me. It is a thing to be relished in the warm company of another.

My dear mother, who will be turning 85 this year, has lost her ability to smell and discern coffee tastes. So we made a team decision that it would be best to cancel our memberships in Gevalia and Boca Java. If Mom can’t taste those expensive coffees anymore, and I don’t want to enjoy them without her, why pay for them? What she DOES like, and can taste, is simple Maxwell House. I like it too.

So, to all the coffee snobs out there (oh no, not you! 😉 ), sometimes the company we keep is more important than the type of coffee we drink.

Enjoy your cup o’ joe today!

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “J is for Java!

  1. Lovely post, Chris. You radiate so much warmth, love, and consideration for others.

    I started drinking coffee for a much more selfish reason — my family used to linger over coffee after dinner, but the kids were allowed to leave the table to go play. I reached a point where I decided I’d rather learn to like coffee (thank goodness my grandmother drank hers with cream and sugar) than spend all that time in the company of my obnoxious younger brother. I wish he didn’t live so far away; would love to have a cup with him now.


    • You are one of the warmest people I know, Bonnie! If I’d had a younger brother, I’d probably feel the exact same way. Siblings do that to us. 😉 I wanted to be around the adults too at a certain point. It was just fun to listen to their stories, you know?


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