L is for Laughter


When I attend an Al-Anon meeting, I will usually hear laughter at least once or twice while everyone settles in, and then during the sharing itself – even through tears sometimes!

It still surprises me, and I’ve discussed this with my sponsor. How can people in so much distress on one hand be LAUGHING and joyous? It didn’t make sense to me! I couldn’t find anything to laugh about. There was nothing funny about my situation, thankyouverymuch.

And I was, of course, supremely unique. 😉

When I listen to AA open talks there is much laughter, and at those points I’M thinking, “That wasn’t funny at all. What was so funny about that?”

It’s about perspective of course, and having some distance from the situation you are in. Laughter is also closely related to crying, which is why sometimes we can “laugh until we cry.” There is the thought that, given the choice, it’s better to laugh than cry, which could be why I hear so much of it around the meetings.

Recently, when sharing at a Sunday meeting, I guess I forgot myself and made a joke while talking. Everyone started to laugh. WITH me, not at me. Which loosened me up more, and made me see the humor in my situation. It was a very good thing. 😀

Generally, laughter is my great friend. I love to laugh. Just lately, it’s been tough to see humor in everything. You know?

Things that make me laugh: Lucy, puppies, babies, myself, a well-delivered joke . . .

What makes you laugh?