A Whole Lot of Love


At Saturday’s meeting there was another double winner, like me, a friend of mine (at least, she signed my sheet, so I count her among  my friends now 😉 ) who is in both AA and Al-Anon. She mentioned when it was her time to share that she was celebrating that very day 27 YEARS of sobriety. Whoo hoo!!!

All meetings have a different sort of “flavor,” and this meeting is much looser, and allows crosstalk. We allow questions and direct statements back and forth to each other because we are a very small and close-knit group. It’s just how we are. Most groups don’t allow that, because it tends to put people off and they then don’t feel very willing to share their story.

Anyway, what I did was, I asked her “How’d you do it?”, which is a question oft-asked of people who get a token for achievements such as this. People want to know how one made it through even a month of such an achievement, let alone 27 years.

Well, “J”, my dear friend, simply said, “It was love. A whole lot of love.” And then she couldn’t talk anymore about it because she got pretty choked up.

Love pretty nearly does make the world go ’round. God’s love, through Him, and through His people.

Peace out.

P.S. Got three more phone numbers of potential friends Monday morning. Yay me!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Love

    • True that! Thanks again… you’re a great friend. I miss you, but I am SO happy that you are busy, because I know that means you’re sort of in the black (as much as any family can be these days), and that’s a stress-reliever. I think of you often and pray whenever I do. (haven’t forgotten your favorite colors, and I have a project in mind 😉 )
      While you are busy and being productive, don’t forget to take time out for yourself. Play. Just hang out. OH. I got The Game of Thrones (HBO) and have been watching that. Makes me want to re-read all the books straight through again. lol
      love you…


      • Yes, the work is going to help with the financial stress, which has combined with everything else to keep pretty much only my mood in the black lately. 😛 Just having it has helped a lot, even though I know it’s going to be a while before I see the actual money.

        I really appreciate the prayers!

        I will remember to take time for myself. I promise. Otherwise, I know I’ll burn out and be useless for anything for months, like I was at the beginning of last year.

        Still haven’t read the books, but might look into watching the DVDs. 😉

        love you, too . . .


    • Thanks Deb!! Me too. I’m hoping I’ll get more traffic now that people aren’t seeing k2togetheryarnsandwords.com anymore, you know? When they pull a search, they’ll find a recovery site. NOT that I don’t love knitting anymore!! You know that…. ❤
      love you, my friend…


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