Just Like the Seasons, People Can Change

I’ve read this statement before, and in fact it’s my wallpaper on my computer, so I see it every time I wake the thing up.

Because it’s there, and I don’t generally put things up as wallpaper or screensaver unless I believe them or have some sort of strong feelings about them, I thought I agreed with that statement. I really thought, “Well, yeah, people really can change.”

But lately I am of the belief that as a general rule people do not change unless forced by some outside circumstance. Unless someone is backed against the wall by something larger than themselves, something larger than life, and that includes God Almighty, he is usually content to continue on in whatever manner he’s been going along.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Quite cynical. It’s just how I am  feel right now. Tough times.

I’m not excluding myself, by any means. I know for a fact that I need to stop smoking. I’m addicted, for one. For two, it’s extremely bad for my health. I’m at risk for all kinds of cancer, not to mention poor circulation which puts me at risk for heart attack, stroke and amputation. But the one time I quit for six months was when a doctor thought my heart looked enlarged.

That seriously freaked me out, and I immediately quit. I started again six months later and it’s been harder than Hades to stop again.

Tell me something different. Do you disagree with me? Why? Do you think people can change? My philosophy is “If you are born stubborn, you will pretty much die stubborn.”

I’m excluding miracle acts of God at this point, okay? Just the person herself, acting on her own behalf. Change is hard. Wanting change is even more difficult.

Peace out.

Lay it on me!

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