Okay, so I spoke with Mary, my temporary OA (Overeaters Anonymous) sponsor yesterday evening, and she told me she would like me do several things that she did for her sponsor and that had worked for her.

1. To call her every day, and tell her what I’ve eaten the day before, if I’m on track with my meal plan for that day.

2. To read three pages in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, find something on each page that means something or touches me in some way, and write about each thing in a notebook . . . every day.

3. Go to more OA meetings. I only go to one OA meeting a week so far.

I guess that’s all she said for now. But it feels totally overwhelming, and I’ll tell you why. These are all my reasons:

1 I’ve put Undertow on the back burner and have started a novel, the beginning of a series, called Where is Faith? , to be followed by Faith in Prison, and finally Faith Forever. 

2. I’m working on putting together a book proposal for Where is Faith? which is not exactly an easy process. They are generally quite a bit longer than synopses, and more involved.

3. I love to write, but I’d rather be journaling my feelings regarding my cravings when it comes to food. Like, when I get hungry, is it emotional or physical hunger, and if emotional then what the hell is going on?

4. The reason I only go to one OA meeting a week is because I usually attend four Al-Anon meetings a week, and I told her that, but it didn’t put her off mentioning other OA meetings I might like.

Well, Mary did say at the end that we could try this for two weeks and see how it goes. We might be incompatible, and that’s okay. But when I talk to her today I’m going to ask her about the journaling thing. What is the point of the pages? Why that particular assignment? Is it just to make sure I read the big book? Because I’m reading it.

I don’t know. I’m just so overwhelmed. It’s making me tired and pissed off. 😦

Peace out.

4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. We homeschool my daughter, and I require her to do a Commonplace Book entry every day. The founding fathers all learned through the Commonplace Book, but they did it on their own…especially Ben Franklin. Each day she copies a sentence or a paragraph from something she read that was meaningful to her, or made her mad, or she didn’t understand, then she writes a paragraph or two about it. Nothing formal at all. I’ll bet you could make it that simple. Of course, by now, I’m sure you’ve gotten more direction from your OA sponsor, but if not, just keep it simple. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, by the way!

    Now if I would follow my own advice about the Commonplace Book. Duh. *smacks own forehead.* 😉



    • Sounds like a good, sensible way to teach, Voni. It didn’t work out with my OA sponsor. Still looking for a sponsor I can work with, but “keeping it simple” is exactly what I need right now. Good advice, thanks! And blessings back to you….


  2. Hugs. It sounds like you’re going through an extremely difficult time right now, but I’m sure you’ll pull through. I believe in you.


    • Thanks, Bonnie. I’ll get through it. Everyone has their difficulties. It’s no more or less than the next guy. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference, you know? Thanks for believing in me. 🙂


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