Gratitude List, Because I Need It

I need a gratitude list this morning. I just need it. Really, truly, seriously in a big way. So bear with me, and I hope it helps you in some way as well.

  1. God loves me, and He loves my sister
  2. my health
  3. nature
  4. sunny days
  5. music
  6. books
  7. the love of writing
  8. Lucy (the dog)
  9. Al-Anon
  10. Dori (my sponsor)
  11. my family (in no particular order, so that none should be jealous should they ever read this 😉 )
  12. bubble baths
  13. hot showers
  14. sleep
  15. good dreams
  16. that moment in writing when you pass into like a state of mind where you can’t really hear or sense anything else going on around you
  17. knitting
  18. learning new things
  19. origami
  20. my Kindle
  21. FaceBook, because it keeps me connected to people
  22. my job at the Book Nook
  23. all my friends
  24. unconditional love
  25. rain

Peace out.


One thought on “Gratitude List, Because I Need It

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