Noticed Something Really Sad About My Readers

Okay, I admit I’m not the smartest person who ever lived, but I’m not the most stupid either. I know the ways of the world, and I’m kinda hypersensitive.

I’ve been checking my views over the last few days, and you know what’s weird?

They skyrocketed (well, went to 40 views on my busiest day, which for me is a lot) when I talked about my sister’s arrest, and continued to be fairly steady until yesterday.

Yesterday I talked about me again, and good ol’ Al-Anon, and God, and how all that’s helping me. And my views dipped all the way down to eight.


If you want to hear all the sad news about my sister, if you think that’s what this blog is all about, I’m really sorry. This blog is about MY recovery. I like to please just as much still, but I’m trying really hard to heed the words of my sponsor: “You have to take care of yourself first.”

God must be thoroughly upset with me (or want me to write my novel – lol) because it’s pouring rain! If it stops raining enough, I will indeed keep my pinky promise and get those pics of Tweetybird and upload them. Geeze, I don’t even know what to categorize this one. Rant, I guess. 😦

What are you doing today to take care of YOURself? 😉

Peace out.

15 thoughts on “Noticed Something Really Sad About My Readers

  1. I find my readership goes up with the autoposting on the link on FB. (By up, I mean to five or ten — grin!). That’s how I came here today. It depends upon where I see the link first, sometimes, it could be FB or on Feedler or G+ Reader linkage.


    • Yes, that’s how mine went up too, Jean! It really helps! And then I got more followers, and follow others, and so forth…


  2. I find that my readership is always way down in the middle of the week. Most people just don’t have time to read blogs every day, and many of my readers only check in on weekends.


    • Yeah, I figure that too. I’m just too worried about stats, period. I’ve stopped checking. I’m going to not worry about views or anything like that, and just be delighted with the lovely occasional comment and be busy about reading other peoples’ blogs. 🙂 AND a lot of times people read and just don’t know what to say or don’t have time to comment. They are just touched by what you have to say, you know? I know I’ve felt that way before. That’s when I just press the like button, or WISH there was a like button to press. lol


      • And don’t forget your subscribers who read through mail or RSS — I’m pretty sure they don’t show up in views.

        I know I don’t read every day. This week has been very busy on the family front, plus I had a bad sinus headache for several days, so I just didn’t keep up on my virtual life…

        Oh, and I think you have more regular readers than I do. Most of mine only come through when I post pretty pictures 😀


  3. “I’m kinda hypersensitive.”
    Yes. Yes. You are. 🙂 The thing is, people may have been busy. I know I barely had time to do what I had to get done and still didn’t finish it all. I did read your post. I just read it from my email. Which I do a lot of days when I’m busy and don’t have time to comment. I’m sure others do the same.

    Plus, on those days you talk about your sister, I figure you need the additional support and am more than happy to be there for you. Yesterday — not so much. For example: “Now, I have that W- in front of the Hole again. I know and feel what it means to be whole. Not all the time, because sometimes I forget and slip back, but most of the time. And it feels . . . FANTASTIC.”

    I subscribed, so I have the posts in my inbox. I don’t have to come here to read your them. For those who see just a title though, they probably can’t tell if you’re talking about you or your sister or ??? in most cases. So, don’t think they don’t care about you or just want the gory stuff just because they didn’t read a blog post. Just maybe they thought you needed additional support earlier this week.

    We care about you or we wouldn’t be here at all. {{{hugs}}}


      • Thanks, Rhonda. I knew what you meant. And yeah. “I’m Chris, and I’m hyersensitive.” LOL I realize people do have lives and are very busy leading them as am I living mine. I will barely have time to write the 2100 words I need to pound out today for Camp NaNoWriMo and get to a meeting and cart my sister over to the bank and so forth (which I’m only doing this ONE time – gosh I sound like Michael Corleone from “The Godfather”). hehe And here I am whining over a stupid blog post and lost viewers. I’m reminded of an Al-Anon slogan: “How important is it?” which just signifies that, against everything else in life, does it really matter? Get some perspective, you known? Not you, I mean, me! LOL

        Anyway, thank you again, and you are very loyal and a dear friend! Love you….


  4. I usually read on an RSS reader — I’m not sure how that counts for views. I usually show up here when I feel a need to comment. Somehow, I missed the news of your sister’s arrest, but I was watching closely to see what the resolution was, because it was important to you. (And, based upon what you reported, it doesn’t sound like she’s ready for help yet, and I’m sorry for that, but YOU are taking care of you, and I’m happy for that.)


    • Feeling smaller and smaller. I clearly overreacted and underestimated my readers, and I wasn’t speaking about you, Jean, because you are one of my regulars, and even more faithful than I am of your own blog! 😦 It was a stupid rant, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost the followers I’ve gained because of it.


  5. Chris, as a person recovering myself, I am so inspired by your blog. Your readiness to share your recovery is beautiful. You are Bea. Don’t ever let some views or one post let you get discouraged. You’re more than that.

    I love you.


    • Okay, NOW I feel stupid. Color me overreactive. Thanks for the reality check, Kimba. I love you, too. I’m Bea? For real? I have a nickname now? Will you call me that at the November NaNoWriMo? 😀 And here’s one for you . . . you inspire me too, girl.


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