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Are You Codependent? Find out Here!

This looks like a test for male codependents, but when I took it, I didn’t see any difference. I scored pretty high, which scared me, because I thought I was doing better. Let me know how you do in the comments!

Codependence Test


 This is pretty eye opening and truth telling.  Although I am new to even admitting that I am a codependent man, I never would have guessed this to be true.

Take your own test and drop me a comment and let’s discuss our findings.  Take care!

  1. I am in a significant relationship with someone who is addicted to a substance or a behavior, or someone who is depressed. YES
  2. I feel responsible for almost everybody and everything, but I felt guilty much of the time. YES
  3. I can’t say “no” without feeling guilty. YES
  4. I can accurately “read” other people by analyzing their facial expressions and tone of voice. YES
  5. I try very hard to please people, but I seldom feel that I measure up. YES
  6. I feel that I have to protect people, especially the addicted or depressed person in my life. YES
  7. I live in such a way that no…

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