Happy – One Day At A Time

Through working the steps of Al-Anon, I’m learning that I am lovable, regardless of what anyone else thinks, and that happiness is a daily choice.

Happiness is risky. But as I begin to recover from the effects of alcoholism in my life, it’s worth it. It’s not enough just to avoid being let down. I want a life filled with joy and happiness as well as the inevitable sadness.

I crave excitement; I’m an excitement junkie. But this time on MY terms, not on the roller coaster hump of the alcoholic. You know?

I won’t let my fear of being let down prevent me from enjoying this day. I have a HUGE capacity for joy.

What about you?

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday, my friends!

Peace out.


W00t, Darlene! Keep on keepin’ on…. Sorry it took me so long to reply back, but I have family visiting from out of town, and, today went to pick up my sister from jail (SUCH a long day and an even longer story . . . maybe some day I’ll tell you about it when I’m not so rock-bottom tired! lol) Actually, that’s what I’ll do. I have your email. Could use your head about some stuff anyway. 😉

Hope you had a fantastic day!


What a great, inspring post! Love your enthusiasm here.. 🙂 I am an alcoholic (sober 6+ years) in a relationship with an alcoholic (sober 13 years). I just started to learn last year about my attitude and willingness for any positivity in my days.

Thanks for the message and have a great day.


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