Feeling Terrified But Doing It Anyway

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, folks, and that means it’s time for a gathering of my friends in the Insecure Writers Support Group. Here we share our fears, our anxieties, our hopes and dreams. If you would like to join, just click here: Insecure Writers Support Group. We”d love to have you!

I did something this past month that terrified me. I submitted my short story, “Damaged,” to Glimmer Train Press. I wrote it, rewrote, cut some, rewrote it, and cut some more, until it was about 756 words (It was an entry for the Very Short Fiction Award, which tops out at 3k, but can be any length shorter).

Then I gave it to a good friend of mine, Bonnie, who will be forever in my debt, to crit for me. She told me what would work even better, and what didn’t work as well.

By the time I was finished, it was still flash fiction, and I was a little worried about submitting flash to a literary journal, you know? But here’s why I stopped being afraid. The story is the story. To add to it falsely just to make it fit into a mold you think it needs to be, cheats the story, and – that’s not right. Not right for me, and more importantly not right for the story.

I had shared the beginning of the story here with you all last month. It’s fictionalized, based on a true story. So I thought about using a pen name. Then I got braver and decided to use my real name when I submitted.

It’s been a full week and the status of my submission is “in process,” which means it hasn’t been rejected. In past experience, if Glimmer Train flat-out rejects a story, it gets done within the first few days. They’ll notify us by Oct. 1st, unless we’re one of the 1st,2nd, or 3rd place winners, in which case we’ll get an email or phone call the week before that.

Maybe I should stop checking my status every day. 😉

This has been a post for the Insecure Writers Support Group. Check some of the other writers out there, too. We’re a great group of people! And join us if you like. 🙂

Peace out.

11 thoughts on “Feeling Terrified But Doing It Anyway

  1. Reblogged this on OLIVE TWIST ~♥~ and commented:
    This sounds like my kind of writer’s group, all right. I am uncomfortable in group settings, I can’t stand to have my picture taken, and I lack confidence in many ways. I have overcome a few times over the years, like when I decided to acquire my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing (which is the big one for me).

    I often fear that people will not like my voice or my writing style, but I’m learning to be content with who I am and to be truthful. As an unconventional spiritual writer, I admire people like Donald Miller who have broken the mold of formula writing and found some success in it. I love writing enough to keep going whether there is a market for my work or not. Writing is my form of worship.


    • Olive, I feel the same way. I’m so glad! I hope you join the group. I’ve never read Donald Miller, but now I’ll definitely check him out. Oh, I will keep writing whether I get published or not, but I do hope to one day get my voice out there…. 🙂


      • Oh yes, I don’t mean to imply that I don’t care about my voice being heard, only that I write to enlighten and inspire as opposed to seeking to promote myself. Remember what Garrison Keillor used to say about those powder milk biscuits, how they gave shy people the courage to do what they need to do? Well, my faith enables me that way.


    • Thanks, Darlene! It’s based on a true encounter of me and my sister waiting for EMS to come and get her. It was really hard to write, but I think it came off really well. I shared it with three of my brothers so far (my sister-in-law cried). My therapist said I should go ahead and share it under my own name because it’s about *me* and my experience of that day, my honest feelings. You know?

      Hey – thank you so much. You enjoy your day too!!


  2. i haven’t read anything from you in a long time, good to see you are well and still writing.

    i would love to join the group if possible, where online can i do that?


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