Accepting Our Choices

It’s hard to make a choice in life, then walk away without a quick glance back to wonder, “Did I do the right thing? Could I have made a better/healthier/more helpful choice?”

At least, that’s how it goes for me.

Take this blog for instance. I don’t know how many times I changed the “theme,” the basic looks of he blog before I finally settled on this one. And it’s still hard. Every time WordPress comes out with new themes I allow myself to “window shop,” but I do NOT buy. 😉 It’s tough love on myself. Sometimes I would get triggered to change my theme just by visiting someone else’s blog, and I’d think, “Dang! That looks SO good.”

Next thing you know . . . well, yeah. My blog had that same theme.

Now I’m having trouble accepting the niche I’ve made for myself with a blog based almost entirely on Al-Anon. Except for a few book reviews, my monthly CW Blog Chain and monthly Insecure Writers Support Group post, that’s what it’s about.

I am nearly finished with a 10-week Blog Course which has been telling me a lot of the opposite of what I do here. I know I will never be popular. I’ll never earn the Versatile Blogger Award, or The Sunshine Award, or all the lovely things that other bloggers are awarded.

But I’ve accepted my choice, because if it helps even one person who deals with an alcoholic or who struggles with codependency in his/her life . . . oh MAN, it’s worth more than all the accolades in the world. You know?

Dear Readers, you are my heart and soul. Peace out.

4 thoughts on “Accepting Our Choices

  1. Chris, I really like the look of your blog–stop theme shopping! In fact, I recently flipped through your site, thinking, “Oh, I like the way she did that.” Everything is neat and tidy and easy to find.

    I think your niche is important. Everyone knows someone they need to support or learn to help/deal with/not enable. But not everyone is ready to join Al Anon or maybe doesn’t even know about it. If you help one person one time, then you’ve done a really good thing. And if the writing is healing for you, then that’s a really, really good thing, too.

    Keep writing.


    • Thanks, Carol, I like the look of it too!
      And yes, helping even one person is important. But it’s nice to be recognized too! Can’t help the feelings. They’ll go away… 😀


  2. Okay, here we go, I would have awarded you all kinds of awards long ago, Chris, the only problem is with my lack of exposure. I simply don’t know where those things come from or how to handle them when I bump in to them accidentally. You deserve an abundance of accolades, I love your blog!!! Writing about this family disease is not easy and yet you do it with kindness and clarity. I award you my best ((((((((hug)))))))) Please know that this is a yeoman’s labor that you do!


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