I think this says it all. I will be gone for three days but I will be back

on Tuesday.

Going to my cousin’s cottage in Saugatuck to celebrate my 50th

birthday which is on the 5th of September!

I hope to have a lot of fun. See you when I get back!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend.

Peace out.

8 thoughts on “Self-worth

    • Thanks, Darlene! I did, but I didn’t find a place to get my ankle tattoo yet. Going to get it at the Lucky Monkey in Ann Arbor tomorrow I think. It is one of my “five before fifty”s. 😉


    • Thanks Lynn! It was all kinds of challenging. And all kinds of fun. Maybe that sounds like a paradox, but I guess that’s life. I love that… peace be *within* you. *contented sigh*


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