Celebrate the Underdog!


thriving through the holidays Today is National Underdog Day. Established in 1976, National Underdog  day keeps our unsung heroes in mind. The term underdog is believed to have come from the shipbuilding industry. Planks of wood were called dogs. Two men were assigned to supervise the placing of these dogs; one from up top, and one from under, in the pit, where he got covered in sawdust and mud. So today we tip our hats to the underdogs, the unsung heroes who are never expected to make it out of the pit.

I’m a big movie buff, and the greatest movie underdog of all time (in my humble opinion) is Rocky Balboa. No one ever saw this guy coming. Who would’ve expected a nowhere nobody to come from left field and win the way he did? He had many obstacles against him, but he plugged away. Nobody believed in him, but he kept going.

To say that these times, right now today, are tough for people around the world, is largely an understatement. I’m confused, feeling unsafe, and unsure of an environment I thought I knew pretty well. As one who (I hate the word “suffers” but I never know what to say) struggles with several mental health problems, I know in my heart that we need better resources out there for people who are mentally ill. That’s what we need. That is all. (That is all period, not That is all as in “oh, piece of cake!”)

In the meantime, I hope you will take to heart the 10 things listed in this picture. Are you an underdog? *gasp* Then there’s two of us. Maybe we should start a club. 😉 Are you having a hard time wrapping your mind around what happened on the 14th? I think there’s a club for that, too. It’s collective grief, and it’s not a sign of weakness to cry (as some of us were raised to believe). Rather, it takes immense strength to show one’s heart to others. Tears, sobbing, crying . . . all of that discharges pent up feelings and helps us heal. Only then can we truly let go.

Peace out.