Turning It Over

higher power This morning I’m going to attend the Amazing Grace Al-Anon meeting, and, because my sponsor is away on vacation, I’m taking over her duty of handing out yearly tokens for March birthdays.

I hope you don’t take offense at my sense of humor with the image I’ve posted here. I don’t have a cat, but my dog would gladly take the job. 😉 She thinks she’s the boss of me. It’s all tongue-in-cheek of course. I DO have a higher power, and it’s not me, or my dog. It’s God. I’m thrilled to hand out tokens this morning, because I know the courage it takes to live life one day at a time. I know the effort it took to get to this place of an anniversary.

But I know what the answer will invariably be when someone (perhaps me) shouts out “How’d you do it?” That person will mention the Al-Anon program itself, their sponsor, other friends, and – last but not least (or maybe even first) – a higher power.

Turning our lives over to a higher power does not mean we laze around cluelessly and never lift a finger in our lives. It means we do the footwork and leave the outcome up to our higher powers. It means we let that higher power have the steering wheel, but we still have the power to put on the brakes, to slow things down if things are going too quickly.

God has blessed my life in countless ways since I’ve been a member of Al-Anon.

Peace out.

3 thoughts on “Turning It Over

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  2. Hey stranger… 🙂 Haven’t been by here in a while… Man, turning it over is an effort some days for this alcoholic… Always trying to bestow my will on my own life and sometimes the lives of others…
    Al-Anon really helped change my life.. I haven’t been to an al-anon meeting in a while (I moved far from the one I went to faithfully). But I do read my daily readings and go to other meetings.. 🙂
    Great to read this post today.. I will make a conscious effort to turn my life and will to God as I understand Him today..


    • Hey Darlene! Yeah, I haven’t posted in a while (mostly because I’ve been doing it my way…LOL) yeah, and how did that work out? Not very well. I miss being here and sharing what’s what on the page. And I miss people like you and the back and forth.

      Than *you* for the reminder, because I haven’t been to an AA open talk in over a month, and it helps my recovery that much better. One hand helps the other. 😉

      You mean we need to be conscious??!

      much love,


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