The Reality About Anxiety


Take a long look at this sort of Justine Bateman Look-alike (or maybe it really is her). Do you think she has sand in her eye, or do think maybe she’s crying? Yet the message she’s sending out “to the world” is “I’m fine.” Have you ever been there, done that? I know I have, in the middle of tears, great big sobbing-blubbering-get-that-girl-a-hanky tears . . . I’m like “It’s o-o-okay. I’m fine.”

Then we have this fellow, some sort of coach, but I don’t follow sports all that chewing lipmuch, so… But unless you’re also someone who gets anxious, you might not notice this when you look at him. He chews the inside of his mouth. It’s something I do when I get stressed, too, because it’s the least obvious of picking on my fingernails or pacing. He really looks worried, though. I say, if it helps him in this moment (until he can find something that doesn’t hurt the inside of his cheek), there are worse things he could be doing.

mailboxShe’s being funny, of course, and referring to getting enough exercise walking back and forth to pick up the mail. But I’ve mentioned how difficult it is for me to pick up the mail, right? Sometimes my mom and I have to wait a few days for me to get up the courage, like I’ll pick up three days worth of mail at the same time. Ugh. Such an idiot, not being able to do such a supposedly simple thing. Well, agoraphobia can be like that.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder is excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry about pretty much everything. So the cartoon dreadof the hammer about to come down on the nail actually did make me chuckle a little because it’s how I so often feel and I was like, “Yes! That’s it!” Especially the fact he’s so self-absorbed he doesn’t think enough to look down and see what happened to the other nail. That happens, we get so caught up in our own anxiety it can affect our relationships.deep breathingI hope this ecard doesn’t offend anyone. The fact is, anxiety–all forms of it–is a serious matter that deserves care and needs to be understood. In fact, during April’s Blogging from A-Z I plan to do a whole series on anxiety, which I hope will be both educational and fun(funny?). If you’ve read this far, God bless you, Gesundheit, and thank you for not smoking.

6 thoughts on “The Reality About Anxiety

  1. Amazingly, Mom’s not much of a snapper. I am! But Mom is not. Prayers are always welcome. She’s been dealing with this for a long time. Her issues are different from yours, and, perhaps that makes a difference in manifestation. For instance, I don’t believe she has to deal with agoraphobia is a whole different animal. Prayers for you, as well.

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    • Caring for someone is very difficult, Jean, so kudos to you, no kidding. Well, I’ve been dealing with anxiety of one sort or another since I was in about 3rd grade, only I didn’t know that’s what it was (I thought I was just being stupid–lol). Thank you for the prayers, my friend. Much welcomed.


    • I totally get what you’re talking about, Jean. It’s difficult for even ME to understand, and I’m loaded with anxiety. Does your mom have irritability issues, like does she ever snap when she’s anxious? I just wondered, because I do, and it’s VERY hard for my loved ones to understand. It’s good that she tells you what she needs. It’s good that she KNOWS what she needs. If it’s okay I will pray for you both? For patience, clarity, and understanding, on both ends.


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