J (1)is for judgment, or lack thereof, when it comes to being anxious. I know that when I’m anxious, it gets harder to judge the lookspeople on peoples’ faces, or their body language. It’s easier to take things personally, as an attack. My judgment is all askew, and it’s like I forget that people are basically there for me; they wouldn’t purposefully hurt me if they could help it.

Anxiety hinders our judgment  by interfering with our concentration, causing us to miss cues or hurry to a wrongful assessment. We’ve all made decisions in life we wish we could take back. For the anxious person, these times come along more than the average.

Here’s to a wonderful, anxiety-free day!

Ciao, bella.

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  1. Love your blog name! Route 66 is Americana for sure 🙂
    A to Z blogger


    • Thanks, Stephanie! You would not believe how long I went back and forth trying to decide on a name. LOL This is fun, huh? Today’s kind of a bad day for me, but I’m told we’re allowed one “skip” day and we can make it up the next day. Which is really, really good. 🙂 sigh Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I never thought about anxiety throwing off our judgment, but it makes total sense. I did long ago figure out that if more than one person tells me I’m cranky acting, then I’m probably the one with the problem.

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  3. I just wanted you to know that I have read all your posts and found them interesting and informative. I just haven’t had much to say. Except, big hugs for you.


    • Aw, thanks, Bonnie! You know how much that means to me. We’ve only been friends for like ever. lol I’m glad you are finding the posts interesting and informative. That’s important to me. I really want to help people, you know? I was even thinking of next month, making it all about depression. 🙂


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