V (1)When I saw my therapist Wednesday he gave me a homework assignment. He even wrote it down, because otherwise, it would have gone right out of my head.

“Challenge absolute thoughts (All or Nothing thinking). Find 15 cliches that relate to adapting to uncomfortable situations. Practice squared breathing exercise three times per week.”

I’m not saying the assignment is stupid. It’s very worthwhile, actually. It’s just that I have so  much going on right now. Does he not realize that? The A-Z challenge goes until next Thursday (I think), I’m crocheting one very large granny square per day for a blanket I’m trying to complete, and I just had the piano tuned so I could learn “Joy” and “Thanksgiving,” two George Winston songs, for my mom’s 88th birthday in October–it’s been at least 20 years since I played the piano, so it will take a lot of work. That’s not nothing. And let’s not forget Lucy, who needs to go out and potty what seems like every 15 minutes. We don’t have a fenced in backyard, so I need to literally take her out on a leash.

There. I just vented. I don’t do it often on my blog, because what I try to do here is help other people, and it doesn’t help you to know about my troubles. But once in a while, venting helps, because people can relate. It’s certainly better to talk about negative emotions, properly, than leave them bottled up inside. If we vent to someone who genuinely cares about us, it can make us feel better. Sometimes we may need a second ear to make sure we heard what we think we heard right. Venting instead of directly confronting the source of our frustrations is a much safer bet.

I hope you have a grand day, and don’t  be too shocked this is so early! ha ha

Ciao Bella.vent

4 thoughts on “Venting

  1. I’m really glad I found your blog on the A to Z challenge. I decided this year to visit large clumps of blogs, as many as possible throughout the month. I visit many more than I comment on. I appreciate your blog because you are genuine, and you are speaking about something that impacts a lot of people. Keep blogging!

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    • Gosh. Thank you so much. And kudos on you for going through so many blogs. I don’t know if you read my post about not having visited any, because it’s hard enough for me to get my little post written (wah wah poor me!) ha ha. But sincerely. Thank you for what you said about me, it means a lot and gives me just that last little bit of energy to plow through the end. I think next month I will ONLY visit other peoples’ blogs, and write about my experience doing that throughout the month. Yeah. 🙂

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