Z (1)I don’t like the word zany as it applies to mentally ill or anxious people. It’s the same as saying “crazy,” and it’s placing a stigma on a population that has enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’m not even sure I like “mentally ill.”

Sure, I have three separate anxiety problems, and bipolar disorder, but does that make me mentally ill? Does someone with diabetes say that she is physically ill? Of course not. She has a problem with her sugar, and she’s hopefully taking care of it.

We all of us exhibit crazy behaviors now and then. None of us are immune. Shouting at someone who cuts us off in traffic is not exactly normal. Talking to the driver in front of you (come on, I know you’ve done it, so have I) when you know s/he can’t hear you, is pretty crazy behavior. Once, when I still had borderline personality disorder (I have since aged out of it, thank God) I laid down in front of my niece’s car because we were in the middle of an argument, she was trying to leave, and I didn’t want her to. I’m still that way, needing to resolve things, but I don’t lie down in front of peoples’ cars any longer. lol That’s crazy.

Today, let’s remember to use the words “zany” and “crazy” judiciously, when talking about events and things, rather than people. It will go a long way toward reducing stigma in the world at large.

Well, everyone, that’s the end of the alphabet. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, and hope you have the same. Stay tuned for Mental Health Month in May, where anything can happen and we aren’t constrained by the letters of the alphabet!

Ciao, Bella.

10 thoughts on “Zany

    • Thank you, I wish I’d known about yours too, that sounds absolutely fascinating! Is there a schedule for the Reflections post? Like, do we do them on different days? (confused one) 😛


  1. Yay for you, Chris, for finishing this month! I’ve enjoyed your posts. You’ve written so well and clearly about mental health (not just illness) issues, and after reading these, I’m sure no one would call you “ill.” Congratulations, and keep up the good fight!

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    • Thank you, Elaine, that really does mean a lot. I will be keeping it up in May–probably not every day, but a consistent schedule. I really do feel proud of myself! lol


    • Seriously? Half the time I was so sure I was babbling incoherently. But really, any time I make it to the end of a commitment is really a big deal for me. I’m so glad it was also informative! 😀


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