Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

bigmacI almost closed/deleted/whatever my blog yesterday, which I’ve kept since (I think) May of 2007. Anyway, it’s a pretty long time. It’s just getting to be like FaceBook to me, which is why I mostly stay away from FB these days. FB is all about the houses to me. The big ones, the prettiest ones, the ones with adorable kids on swing sets in the backyards, handsome couples walking hand-in-hand down the neighborhood for all to see. Most of the rest of us stand there and admire, whistle, and applaud. Oh, and we can’t forget the likes. The more likes you get, it means more people like hearing about your pretty house, husband, wife, kids, pets . . . and not simply friends but total strangers. Someone you have never ever met in your entire life likes your dog, Fido. :/ What, and now there are love buttons, in case one can’t like the person enough. Am I the only living soul who finds this a little surreal? No, you needn’t argue with me about the difference between liking the poster and liking what the poster posts.

Anyway, blogging is getting to be like that, like FB. It’s been that way for a while for me. I just don’t “like” myself waiting and worrying over . . . likes. If you know me at all, I don’t need to explain that sentence to you, and if you don’t know me, there’s not enough time to educate you.  I suppose I could keep writing, for myself (it’s the only time I write anymore), while disabling the likes and comments. That way I might wonder who would’ve liked it, but I don’t have to torture myself over why no one liked it.

Nobody realizes the power they wield. I know I don’t have any power. I’m nobody. But not you, nope, not to me. Okay, there’s a lot more rolling around in this old head, you know, but I’m going to stop now. See you. okay

5 thoughts on “Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

  1. {{Hugs}}

    Jean’s right about your mental health being what’s important. Do what you want to do for you. If that’s blogging, cool. If it’s handwriting in a journal just to get your thoughts down, that’s good, too.

    I’m not very good at commenting in general. I follow dozens of blogs; I might leave one or two comments a month — and sometimes, that’s just because the blog post is related to another conversation I had with the blogger. It doesn’t mean I don’t value what they have to say; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t subscribe. So please know that even if I don’t say anything, I am reading.

    love you

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    • Aww Erin,

      (((((Hugs))) back, the only other Dvorak friend I know. 😉 I know. I hardly ever comment myself, because who has the time, so what am I expecting, right? But it’s truly a thing of time, like you said. It’s not that I didn’t like the blog post, or appreciate the effort it took to write it.

      I’m not very good at keeping a journal. I’ve tried like a billion different formats. Computerized, smart phone-based (which is really a small computer), writing in a book (lined and unlined), talking into a tape recorder. The only thing I’ve managed to keep every day since July 6, 2015 is a little diary called 365, on my phone. Every day it asks a different personal question. Sometimes my answers are as simple as one word; sometimes they areb paragraphs long. It all depends. But it’s simple and fun for me. It works.

      I read your blog too…..

      love, me

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  2. Hey, Chris. I reached this point a couple of years ago on my own blogs. Low traffic. Not a lot of comments. Very few people reading. I finally decided I blog for myself. If someone else stops by and finds value, that’s cool.

    Traffic is up slightly over the last year, but I’m not setting any records. I do have a couple aspects on the blog where I would like people to participate, but until I strike a chord, I’m still not allowing myself to fret about it.

    I enjoy your perspective, and I would miss not being able to read your posts. I like to be able to comment, but I can also understand why turning that feature off may be better for your overall mental health. And YOUR overall mental health is what’s important here. Please know that your posts are informative, educational, and come through with a genuineness that I greatly appreciate.

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    • Thank you so much, Jean. I don’t know what I want to say yet in reply. I mean, I want to give a thoughtful response, so I might not get back to you for a day or two. Sorry about that. :/


    • Dearest Jean,

      But–don’t you ever wonder what magic the other bloggers hold who DO set records? The bloggers who get 100 likes or similar numbers of comments, or MORE? I know it’s pointless to obsess about that, and even more fruitless to try to study what they do. I’ve read blogging books, for heaven’s sake! I should think that’s the very definition of insanity.

      I’m so glad that you have enjoyed reading my posts, as I’ve enjoyed reading yours. I’ve not usually commented, not because I have nothing to say, but because I think it’ll sound stupid. There’s more than a little paranoia running through these veins (ya think? lol) and I think that can make life difficult for a blogger. You mentioned my mental health. If I can shut that part of me down, or find some way to deal with it (talk it through with a friend and realize it’s silly), then I might be able to maintain the blog.

      Aaaand I’m rambling. Sorry about that! Thanks so much for your comments.

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