Log Cabin Retreat Throw 

I’m finally back into crochet again after not seriously touching it since April of 2016. By the way, do you say ‘two thousand and sixteen’ or ‘twenty sixteen?’ I say the latter. It just seems simpler, less syllables or something  (and I’m all about saving syllables!).

This Log Cabin Retreat Throw is supposed to be different colors, but it’s been so long for me that I lost confidence in changing colors. For Pete’s sake, I forgot how to do a chain and had to look it up! 😲

This throw will go on the back of the couch when Mom and me move to a condo this spring. I tried (and failed) to do a snapshot of the pattern, but you can also find it in this book: Quick Crochet for the Home at Amazon for a wonderfully reasonable price. 

Have a wonderful day!

Peace out. 

6 thoughts on “Log Cabin Retreat Throw 

    • OMG, Mia, I’ve missed you! Ever since you lost your old website–it’s like a “phantom limb” thing, you know? I’m going into a psych partial program today (woke up at 4! Lol). Having a mixed bipolar episode–it’s like being manic and depressed at the same time. Never experienced this before, and it’s pretty scary, but I have faith they can help me. Do you have another website? How have you been?

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      • I swear you’re the friendliest, most thoughtful person in the world. I’m always shocked at how little you seem to think of your wonderful self.
        I don’t have another website at this time, but I’m on Facebook (Mia Valenti), and am also happy to be penpals if you like (southafricanwhitegirl@gmail.com)

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      • As I always say (along with “What comes around, goes around”), it takes one to know one. 😉 My huge lack of self esteem is mostly due to childhood issues, which I probably need to let go of already, but the images and thoughts are in my head all the time. It’s PTSD, and whenever I deal with an authority figure, someone who is angry, or have to defend myself even in a little way, I freak out. I won’t be announcing my posts on FB anymore, but will link to Twitter (@snoopygroupy) and hope you’ll follow me there. I don’t go on FB much anymore, mostly because of the political vitriol that is always present, but I still have long-time friends, so I check in now and again. Now that I know you’re there, I’ll check on you and post to your page. I would LOVE to be penpals!


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