Before I Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil

Things to do before I die.

This used to be a laundry list of things. But I decided what I truly want is to have as much fun (I don’t have enough of that) and bring as much joy to other peoples’ lives, starting with those closest to me, as I can. I want to watch my tongue, and temper my temper. Take the time to really listen and look.

That’s about it.



hey where r u !!! … missing ur comments, your thoughts …. r u ok ? … let us know – thinkin & prayin” 4 U xox 🙂


i’m ever so happy that you continue to post … i’m grateful that you’re sharing your thoughts with your readers…..just wanted to say that your posts continue to make me smile…with all the issues surrounding the human race it’s just refreshing to hear someone’s perspective from the “minions”…keep up the great work & keep sharing your thoughts & feelings … have a grateful day…:)


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