Hello. Welcome to my blog. I hope you find something of what you need here.

Although I don’t write very much on the topic anymore, some of my more popular posts have to do with loving or living with an alcoholic, codependency, and making and keeping boundaries.

My main focus at this point is to help as many people as I can who would like to get off psychiatric meds that are no longer helpful to them, or even harmful in their severe side effects. I’m nobody special. I just got tired of losing that much control over my life and decided to take it back. Hence, the name change to my blog.

Have a seat, put your feet up. It’s nice to see you. Y’all come back now.



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  1. That one was really nice.. I like this and really enjoyed… Keep it up and I also read your blog posts. can I get few more information if you have about few things which you shared in past. I will be thankful to you…


  2. Hmmm,,, That one was really nice.. I like this and really enjoyed… Keep it up and I also read your blog posts. can I get few more information if you have about few things which you shared in past. I will be thankful to you…


  3. Hello,

    You are a follower on my older blog, which is no longer active and will be taken down fairly soon. I would be delighted if you would maybe check out the new blog I have:


    Maybe you’ll consider following this instead, on Bloglovin’ or other social media. I’m also keen to work at collaborations with other bloggers if it is ever of interest to you too.

    Many thanks,

    Blogger and BMS Student


    • Hey Emma,

      I’ll follow you anywhere, and I’d love to figure out some sort of collaboration with you (the pen’s been rather dry at the moment!).

      Warm regards,


  4. Hi Chris
    Was wondering how you had been —have a wonderful summer
    your friend Andrea


    • Oh hey Andrea!
      I’ve been thinking about you! Lost your phone number or I would’ve called you. I’m doing well and I hope you are too. You have a wonderful summer as well, okay?
      HUGS, Chris


  5. Good luck with your life challenges as well as with the blog challenge. Crocheting is very therapeutic. I nkit and crochet and found it truly gave me an out when things were difficult in my life. Looking forward to meeting more bloggers.


    • Sandy, thanks so much for the words of encouragement and for stopping by. I think the blog challenge will be mostly fun this year, because I’m more prepared! I wish you luck as well, and you can bet that I’ll be stopping by to see you often.


  6. Keep your faith in God Chris!


  7. i’m ever so glad 2 see that you’ve been posting … found ur website & am glad 2 hear how ur doing…keep up the great sharing and thoughts — ur stories r funny & thanks 4 ur email – i look forward 2 seeing it 1st thing in the morning … abg (always be grateful) ..love that saying ..u rock on 🙂

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  8. I really like your site. I especially like your sentence “All about recovery from the past, from life, from everything.” I am working on recovery from Gambling. But realize that perhaps co-dependency was my first addiction. Over-eating is one also. I have been reading several books this past 2 weeks on healing and recovery. I think the 12 steps is a good place to build a foundation, but I am adding other information to this for recovery. I like your manifesto, and am going to start writing one out for myself. Thank you for sharing and I can see how hard you work, you are a winner. Love to you.

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    • Overeating is one of mine. I also have to be careful with overspending. But co-dependency seems to be at the core of everything, which is why I go to Al-Anon and not the other recovery programs so much. I LOVE reading and also add other things to my recovery. Go for it. Go for broke. (no pun intended). Judith, thank you so much for stopping by, and I love it that you love me! Right back atcha. Keep on keepin’ on.


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